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My Journey

Currently, I am a prayer leader, mother of two, prophetic intercessor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author of two books and one that travels teaching others to pray, and an employee that love my job. Someone who loves the Lord with all my heart, body and soul and love to be used as one of His gatekeepers. But it didn’t start out that way. I was living a life of sex, drugs and alcohol.

My journey started with me wanting so badly to be delivered from a lifestyle that had me bound. So I began doing 5am prayer Monday through Friday and it then graduated to Saturday and Sunday. I would carry my seven-year old daughter into prayer @ 430 am so I wouldn’t be late and lay her on the chairs. When I would go to church on Sundays, I can remember laying on the floor after service with headphones in my ears listening to the sermon from that day.. I disconnected myself from my family (on purpose) and would not look at anything on tv or listen to any music that was not related to Jesus.

I wanted so badly to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be delivered from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and a lifestyle of promiscuity. I began to speak those things into existence by prophesying over myself what it is I wanted; thanking God for everything. So everyday I began to thank God for delivering me from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and lust.Then it happened early in the morning on October 13, 2004.

I remember going into prayer that morning and a charlie horse struck me in my leg, but I kept walking. Then, bam, it hit my other leg. I can remember crawling to the makeshift altar in the dining room. I started thanking God for anything I could think of including the trials and tribulations I endured in life. When I got down to thanking Him for the holey shoes (no they were not anointed, they had holes in the soles and I had cardboard on the bottom to keep my feet from getting wet) that’s when I felt a presence come over me. As I hit the floor, the only thing I could see were feet and I knew it was God. I began to talk to Him in another language that I could not understand, but I could hear Him clearly. I asked Him why he left me and He said, He never left me, it was I who left Him.

When I got off the floor, immediately, the urge for alcohol, drugs and lust were gone. For the next three days, the same thing happened with me hitting the floor and talking to God; I even remember singing to Him in a heavenly language. I can remember tears were flowing uncontrollably, non-stop for days. I told everyone I met what had happened, even a judge when I went to court that second day. As for the cigarettes, I had to make the choice to put them down myself. When I tried smoking, I got sick. I even threw them away and came back and got them out of the garbage. Until one day I heard God say,” I am trying to cleanse you and you are steady defiling your body with those cigarettes.” At that moment I put them down and have never picked them up since.

From that day I have never looked back. Although the devil has set up many traps to get me back, I hold onto the word of God and prayer for dear life and He has kept me since. To date, I am still living a life free from the things that once had me bound. I can truly say, who the Son sets free is free indeed. You, too can enjoy this abundant life. Choose life by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and develop a life of prayer.


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