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Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

The church can be strengthened if we realize that true leadership is not control or manipulation of others, but it is other people’s willful submission of their authority to yours motivated by inspiration.

If everyone finds their unique gift or special talent and commit to serving it to the world of mankind, their significance will cause people to seek them out. One will become an influence through exercising their gift, rather than through manipulation. The more we become a person whose gift is valued, the greater our influence will be.

An intrapersonal relationship is a prerequisite for effective interpersonal relationships. One’s attitude towards a person is a reflection of an attitude towards himself. If we don’t get our attitude rights about ourselves, we will have wrong attitudes when interacting with others. Leaders should possess a healthy wholesome love for themselves in order to lead others effectively.

Each human comes to earth with a specific gift, talent and strength of ability. Each is to serve that gift to the others through subduing the material resources of creation and thus becoming a servant to everyone else. He or she becomes a leader in that specific area of strength.

Your personal life will be complete when you have fulfilled your God-given purpose. You have to continue to allow the word of God to grow richly in your spirit and continue to dominate the earth, which is God’s purpose for mankind according to Genesis 1:26 and not let the earth dominate you. You have been made in the image and likeness of God and therefore should be able to do anything that God puts in your spirit to do. Because you have been designed for a particular purpose, you are well able to perform the tasks. You have to be in continual communion with God, who is your source if you want to be an effective leader. But you have a choice to walk out your destiny; it all begins with your attitude. You have to believe it before you can do it.

I have learned how important it is for me not to allow others negative words or actions affect how I choose to walk out my destiny. I have to continue to look to God and only believe what He says about me. With the spirit of God residing in me, there is nothing I can’t do. I find that I am passionate about a lot of things so I have many purposes in life, but with God they can be accomplished and I won’t give up until I’ve finished. Someone’s life is dependent upon me fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

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