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Walking In Obedience

God has promised us provisions and protection as we submit to His authority. Too often we are submitting, but our heart is not right, we sometimes are doing it because God said obedience is better than sacrifice. God is looking at the heart. If we don’t want to do something willingly, but are doing it because someone told us we have to, that’s not truly obedience. We must worship God with our hearts and not just our mouth. We have to allow God to expose areas of disobedience in our lives. We must humble ourselves in order for us to see the error of our hearts and ways. Partial disobedience is not obedience in the eyes of God. It is considered rebellion and rebellion is considered witchcraft. The more we rebel, the more we give legal access to demonic powers to control, influence and empower our life. God gives us time to recognize rebellion in our lives through conviction. If that doesn’t work, he will communicate through a prophetic messenger. If we still will don't acknowledge and repent, judgment comes. When leaders make a decision, we have to trust them enough to know that they are doing what God has told them to do. Sometimes, they can make a decision without getting all the facts, but we have to continue to pray for them because God can turn the hearts of anyone before it’s too late. I found that the only way to operate in true obedience is to stay in communion with God through prayer.

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