Are You Anointed or Appointed?

Scripture Reading: Mark 15:42

Not everybody is qualified to handle the body of Christ; Joseph of Arimathaea, the one to whom they gave the body of Christ, wasn’t a part of the 12 disciples that walked closely to Jesus. This scripture shows that we can be a part of the inner circle and not qualified to handle certain points of transitions in a person’s life. Sometimes a lot of struggles are not what’s happening here on earth, it’s what’s happening in the heavenlies, which are the ones we can’t see. A lot of people in the church are chosen, but they are not anointed. They have been appointed, but lack the spiritual maturity to get a person to their next level in Christ. It takes a unique person hand-picked by God to handle the precious, wounded souls and spirits of those in the world; a person that God prepared before they were even born. We have to remain upright as a servant of God in order to be a benefit to the body of Christ that we are to serve. Credibility & integrity has everything to do with people believing in what we are called to do. As an intercessor, we come up against a lot of spiritual warfare, but we must continue to go knowing that someone else’s life is in abeyance. It is not by our own spirit, but it's by the spirit of the almighty God that we can defeat the enemy. We must have to trust in the spirit of God when we are ready to do something for Him.

There’s a reason why God will take us through things and allow it to play out even though we cry out to Him for help. It is a part of His plan. It will take us to another level of faith. We can’t look at the storms, but know that when God brings us out, there will be a blessing. We can no longer be led by our emotions or do the work of the Lord in our strength, we have to be totally dependent upon God, so His glory would not be stolen by anyone.

We must be ready to go all the way in handling the crucified body of Christ effectively. We have to get ready in order to be ready. God wants us to be perfected, His church to be beautiful, representing Him in all areas. Are you equipped to handle someone where the world has ripped them apart? How far are we willing to go to get the anointing to handle them? Are we prepared and qualified for our assignment. Can God trust us to wrap up the wounds of the brokenhearted even after we see how messy they are? Can we cover them without talking about them? Are we spiritually mature to handle what God is showing us? Can we cover them in prayer; give them the word of God. When people can feel safe around you and trust you, they begin to see the Christ in you. In summary, we have to trust God 100% in everything we do and know that with God in control, we will have a good outcome.

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