Prayer for Financial Increase

Most people think the more money they have, the better off they would be or all of their problems solved. The truth is a lack of financial wisdom, not lack of money keeps us in financial bondage. But God's word declares we can have financial freedom because our heavenly Father owns everything and He wants to bless His children. As you meditate of the word, you will learn what He has promised His children and acquire financial wisdom on how to obtain wealth, multiple streams of income and abundance in your life. How can you be a blessing to others if you are always in need?

No matter how many times the devil tries to stop you from experiencing financial success, the more your faith in the word of God and God, Himself, increases. Check out Psalm 66:12; II Corinthians 8:9; Psalm 112:1-3; Isaiah 48:17. It's time to have your money work for you and you not work hard for the money. There is nothing we can learn from doing nothing, remember, faith without works is dead. You must feel you deserve success. IThe time to renew your mind is now. Positive thoughts --> positive words --> positive actions --> positive results. So pray the word of God over your finances today and tell your money to come to you NOW.

Get my newest book Turn Up Prayer Pull Down Strongholds and learn how to use praying the word of God and provoke financial increase in your life today. Don't forget to visit my store and check out the great package deals.

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