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We become more and more like those we commune with. As w e commune with God in prayer, He will reveal to us His plan for mankind. What we will have as Adam's children: ruin, sin, death, separation from God, disobedience, judgement, law (man's) and curses. What we will have as GOD's children: peace, rescue, righteousness, eternal life, relationship with God, obedience, deliverance, grace and blessings. Which father would you want? Accept Jesus Christ into your heart and allow Him to become your Lord and Savior. Your blessings await.

One way we commune with God is through prayer. The world awaits your prayer. Decide today to give yourself over to God in prayer so that strongholds in the lives of your loved ones can be torn down. Jesus's disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray and my book will teach you how to as well. Order your copy of my soon to be released book at

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