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Most grants available from private foundations and government funders are specifically targeted for non-profit organizations, which means that MTJ Financial Consultant Services can definitely help your agency to obtain grant funding. Take a look at our low cost service menu for non-profits. Whether you need help applying for a 501c3, help with researching and writing grants, or if you are in need of grant writing training for your staff, MTJ Financial Consulting Services offers the most affordable, highest quality services available to non-profits. We serve agencies in every US state, so geography is never an issue.


MTJ Financial Consulting Services provides grant competition research and comprehensive grant proposal writing services to hundreds of non-profit and faith-based organizations. MTJ Financial Consultant Services is a highly qualified professional grant writing firm that you can trust. We have the highest standards in our grant product development and integrity in our business operations.


MTJ Financial Consulting Services grant writing team includes former executive directors, non-profit administrators, criminal justice specialists, education and early childhood experts, social service specialists, researchers, and practitioners in many common non-profit service fields who bring with them an average of 5-10 years of grant writing experience in their area of expertise. Our grant writers are able to respond to our clients’ needs through telephone, e-mail, face-to-face, and other appropriate forms of communication; therefore, the geographic location of your organization should never be an obstacle for accessing and using our company as your grant development solutions provider.


MTJ Financial Consulting Services for non-profits and faith-based organizations include:


Grant Research Services

After thoroughly discussing your organization's funding needs, our grant writing team will research upcoming funding opportunities that align with these needs and goals. We will then develop a detailed report of grant competitions for which you are eligible to apply and likely to be awarded. Depending on the type of funding your organization needs, this 'Grant Research Opportunity' (GRO) report will typically include anywhere from 20 funding competitions to over 30 competitions. We only put the most appropriate funding opportunities in the report which will reduce time and future research efforts as you prepare your annual grant development schedule with our staff. The GRO report development process takes up to four weeks to complete, at which time we will e-mail you your GRO report and then meet with you to thoroughly review the report, prioritize the funding opportunities, and establish your grant schedule for the year. Fee: $500








Grant Proposal Writing

Professional grant proposal writing services include the planning of the grant program design (with your organization and its partners), development of the full narrative and budget, and submission of the proposal. Every step of the grant writing process is designed to incorporate strategic planning between our expert grant writing team and our clients' staff and stakeholders so that the resulting grant program produces results and solutions that are customized to address your (and your constituents') needs. Fee: $500 to $3,000 per grant* (depending on the length of the grant narrative).


Technical Reviews

Expert grant writers are able to perform comprehensive edits and an in-depth technical review of your grant proposal prior to its submission or after it has been declined funding. Fee: $500 to $2,000 per project (depending on the length of the grant narrative).











Incorporate as a Non-Profit

Many organizations find that it is much easier to pursue and acquire grant funding if they register as a non-profit corporation (as appropriate). The process of acquiring a non-profit corporation certificate, however, is extremely time consuming and technical. Our consultants can help by developing the entire 501(c)(3) application package which includes bylaws and articles of incorporation at an affordable flat fee rate. Fee: $1,500 (this does not include additional filing fees required by the state and/or IRS, as applicable).

General Letter Writing / Typing Services

You will get professional looking letters, mass mailings, resume writing, manuals, term papers, etc. Fee: $25 an hour








*Grant Writing Services $25/hour Flat rate fees $2000 - $3000

Our fees are based on the complexity of the RFP and the amount of time we have to complete the assignment. "Normal" time frame is about four - six weeks to complete an assignment. In most cases, a shorter turnaround will result in a higher fee. Fees are never based on the amount being requested, because we do not work for contingent fees. Fees are the same for all clients, including nonprofits, since they make up a large percentage of our client pool. All of our clients have good causes, but we do not donate our services.


For more information on how your non-profit organization or faith-based agency can benefit from MTJ Financial Consulting Services, please contact our offices at 918-402-9021 for a free consultation.

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